A note from the future

Posted by kdow on Feb 1, 2015 2:32:29 PM


The year is 2032. Here’s another one of my letter’s from the future. I hope this reaches you.

In your last correspondence you had asked a few questions. I know you’re asking about what the future’s like, but I think you’re missing the point of my letters. I want to talk about my experiences, not the wider world. In all honesty, I don’t know enough about what’s going on the middle east wars, nuclear meltdowns of the east or any other world news topics.


Last night I went up to Presidio to hang out with friends. Of course, it’s the last remaining piece of green space left in San Fran since it became the most populated city in America. I’ve no idea why people thought this was a good place to turn into a ‘Western Tokyo’. I guess having the biggest companies here does that to a metropole.

Hanging out with friends seemed cooler back in your day. Grabbing beers in a rustic bar, smoking some weed in your spacious apartment afterwards and chilling out to some classic rap. Nowadays beer is 2% ABV at most when sold over-the-counter. We make up for it with cheap powdered “beer”. It’s still unregulated. Most people here end up in a ditch at the end of the night with that stuff since they’ve not got enough food in their system to process the alcohol. Most sustenance comes from Soylent or the knock-offs. No one has money for real food.

People with jobs are over 30, so the rest of us are in a holding pattern until we’re old enough to slide into a junior role. That, or we’re just working in retail or doing manual labour. Hell, even manual labour is hard to get into with robotics becoming so cheap.

Anyway, I was up in Presidio with friends and remembered something you had said. You have a kid, right? You felt sorry for her when you brought her to the doctor. She was crying when the needle went into her arm. Well, it was worth it because nowadays something like 30% of people have measles. You can tell who they are with their coughing fits. Their parents blame the smog, but they’re crazies. The crazies with Rubella!

Funny to think that in 30 years time she’ll probably be up here on Presidio having a good time in a field looking down on the city. Not coughing.

You asked me how we get around these days. You said traffic sucks back in your time. It’s more fluid now but no one really owns a car. Driverless Uber is the way to ride, man! Well, when you’ve the cash. Most companies pay for an Uber account so the car just shows up outside your house before work & gets you into the city in no time. Anyone still living in the central districts just cycle. Most bikes are free but people like me prefer to have our ‘tokyobikes’ or similar. Much cooler. Much more comfortable.

I remember you telling me about new bands not being as good as old bands. Nothing’s changed. There are still places you can go where the jukebox hasn’t been updated in twenty years. Everyone still loves Zeppelin or Eminem. Most modern bands are a weird mash of genres. Indie rap & what-not. It’s not my jam, personally. There’s so much music now though. It’s so easy to dump some tunes up onto Soundcloud and hope it does something. And there’s so many people without a real job that music becomes a viable outlet for time.

Anyway, I’ve got to jump. Look forward to your next letter. For what it’s worth, your life seems much better than mine.